Tuesday, August 11, 2015

BackPacking 2015: On the Trail to Big Creek Lake

Hello BEAR friends!

This summer we took an excursion to Big Creek Lake! 
8 local middle school youth embarked on a 5-day backpacking journey through the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. 
Off we go!

Through rain, shine, and smoke, we made it through with many fun stories along the way.

Fun and games along the way. 

The first day was filled with rain, wind, and chills but we made it through!                              

Our youth learned the importance of teamwork, resiliency and hanging food.  
Bear claws along the trail

We had a lot fun in the creeks along the way, crossing bridges and exploring the trail.
Creekside pose

On day 2, featuring a large elevation leap and hours trudging through heavy brush we made it to our destination: Big Creek Lake! 

Day 3, was filled with hiking, swimming, and fishing. 

He caught a fish! Whoa

Some of us stayed near camp and took a dip near the lake, while others embarked on a 2 mile hike through the back country. 

On day 4, we had to leave our campsite for the journey back home. In 94 degree temperatures, we decided to cool off with a quick lake dip.  

A quick dip before leaving our site

The journey back down was faster, filled with educational stops along the way. 
The kids learning about snakes and other wildlife.

Our evenings were filled with fun, 


And Laughter!

A mid-evening snack! Yummy chocolate. 

Our B.E.A.R. cubs had a great time in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, traveling 20 miles in 5 days! Give them a roar for their determination.

Time for a water break

Expect to hear more about our backpacking adventures, this fall. 

If you have a youth interested in backpacking this fall, contact us at (406) 363-5410 or visit bearmt.org

For more pictures, visit us on facebook: 

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